Trump's wall is performance art, not border security

Trump wall

“His wall promise rests on the same basis as a Ponzi scheme,” writes Steve Chapman....


A rifle is inanimate and cannot assault anyone

Las Vegas Shooting Weapons

According to my dictionary, assault is: "a threat or attempt to strike or otherwise do physical harm to a person.” I have never seen a rifle assault anyone by itself. A weapon is inanimate. So how can a rifle assault someone without a human misusing it. It is interesting how the National...

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The principle behind anti-Trump pragmatism

Not Real News

“For Trump's opponents, pragmatism is principle — because the stakes are so high,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

ruby price 100 birthday 9

This week’s topics: Beloved local legend Ruby Price, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association and the Ogden School Board. 

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Gina Haspel shouldn't be punished for doing what she was asked

Trump CIA

“To punish Gina Haspel more than 15 years later for doing what her country asked her to do, and in response to what she was told were lawful orders, would be a travesty and a disgrace,” writes Rich Lowry.


Adults, don't belittle the opinions of students trying to inspire change

Secondary BZ 031418 Weber High School Walkout 05-7

Wednesday at Layton High School, we participated in the national walkout movement. Although not all attendees agreed politically, we were unified in two causes: First to respect and honor those victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting a month ago, and second to motivate our peers to raise...

Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations: Gun owners should be afraid of teenagers' newfound activism

Walkouts vs. walkups

Some of the most important protest movements of the last century — Civil Rights, Vietnam, Environmentalism — were powered in large part by youth. And now? Gun control.

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Donald Trump is no Teddy Roosevelt

Trump salutes

“Trump has confirmed over and over that he's a weakling masquerading as a tough guy,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Promontory Point doesn't decide what's an open record and what isn't

BZ 120816 Promontory Landfill 03

Promontory Point Resources desperately doesn’t want you to know its plans for a landfill on a lonely peninsula in the Great Salt Lake. Which means it’s time to start paying attention.

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Medicaid, marijuana, coal and California — a look back at the 2018 Legislature

Legislative Session Ends

For some reason, E. Kent Winward couldn’t get excited about this year’s legislative session.

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California's sanctuary law can survive Trump attack

Trump California

“Federalism is a delicate system that needs constant care, feeding and updating by the courts. But when it works, its successes follow from the recognition that a big country includes many different perspectives and beliefs,” writes Noah Feldman.

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